Glennz Skins


Two new repositionable vinyl skins each month. 

A larger and a smaller version of the same design.

Decorate your device, your walls, your vehicle with original illustrations from Glennz Tees available only through subscription


1. Sign Up!

Don't miss out on any of the Glennz exclusive stickers

2. Apply your Skin

Decorate your world

3. Display your Good Taste

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Don't Miss a Design

For the price of a super-fancy, extra-venti cup of coffee, you will be the envy of your peers 

with your rotating set of amazing device decorations


How often will I get my skin?

Two new skins ship every month - A larger (5in x 5in) and a smaller (2.5in x 2.5in) version. Sizes vary depending on the design.

Isn't this just a sticker?

Glennz Skins are repositionable vinyl adhesive - the sort of thing vehicle graphics are made from.  You can push out air-bubbles; you can apply it to surfaces and take it off without leaving a residue; you can get it wet - if that's what you call a sticker, then yes.

When my friends see a skin and ask if they can get one - what should I say?

Console them because there's no repeats and no availability of prior designs; but encourage them to sign up and not miss out in the future.